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dont_know_jack's Journal

8 September
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For the donnelleyschool Newsies RPG

Full name: Jackson Andrew Kelly, Jr.
Age: 16
Birthdate: September 8, 1987
Year: Junior
Family background: Jack is the only child of Jackson Kelly, Sr. and Alison Clairmont. Jack Sr., a 42 year old retiree of the US Navy, played the oboe and maintained the title of Concert Master for the duration of his service. He is now the owner of a very successful musical instrument shop and is the best private instructor in the area for the oboe, piano, flute, and clarinet. He also plays clarinet with a local big band revival group. Alison is the daughter of the owner of a major newspaper (oh, the irony) and, with her father growing older and not as able to carry out aspects of the every day business, Alison stands to inherit the family business within the year. Currently, the 40 year old works directly under her father as the assistant CEO for the company.

Jack gets along with his parents decently. He is open about his sexuality with his parents (and everyone, for that matter). His mother is not pleased with it; she really wants grandchildren, and even though adoption/surrogate mothers are, of course, an option for the future, it's not her idea of a "legitimate family" - especially since the child would have two fathers. She says "it's just not right..." However, in the end, Jack's still her son and she accepts him for who he is, as much as she can. His dad accepts his sexuality just fine; he figures it's just a phase, so he's interested in finding a way to "de-gay" him, ASAP. Both his parents know about his relationship with David.
Likes/dislikes: Likes: music,
Favorite/least favorite class: Favorite: band, music theory, anything having to do with music; least favorite: English.
Personality: Jack is very outgoing and personable. He's a smart guy, but is horrible with grammar (thus why he hates English). Jack is very much devoted to playing the trumpet; he's been playing since he was twelve. He loves music and wants to be a music teacher more than anything.