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Look, you guys...

David and i werent going to get involved in all this but I just feel like I have to say something. I'm going to speak for me and david both, but it's all me so if you need someone to yell at about this yell at me and not Davey okay?

I'm worried about everyone in the hall. i can't believe how out of hand this whole thing has gotten. the Fact that one thing one person said blew all this drama up and got everyone so upset. I mean yeah it was uncalled for but its no different than when tons of other people say it. Snitch was upset and i dont think he meant it as harshly as it's been taken, and while I know that isn't an excuse and it even upset me a bit i think this whole thing could have been avoided if we took into account circumstancis and other things. also if maybe everyone was more understanding.

Im not looking forward to this meeting any more than anyone else if but i think it will be good for everyone to sit and maybe have a chance to talk about everything. I hope so at least. We all need to work out the problems everyone has so we can go back to being the close hall that we were before, and talking it out instead of argueing over the computer is going to help.

anyway like i said please don't take any of this out on David because it's me thats writing all this. I know he doesn't want to get involved. See you all at the meeting.
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